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Music: The Eradicator "Eradicator" 10" Vinyl (Black)

Music: The Eradicator "Eradicator" 10" Vinyl (Black)

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ERADICATOR is a 5 song hardcore/punk composition created as an altered adaptation of the classic KIDS IN THE HALL sketch, which follows a masked maniac as he attempts to move up the ranks in a round-robin squash league at his local athletic club. The EP follows a narrative which finds the Eradicator bouncing back from previous hardships to finally prevail in standing atop the D-Squash Ladder, unwilling to reveal his true identity for fear that the world will not be able to handle it.

Written by Andy Slania (ex-GALACTIC CANNIBAL) and backed by members of Milwaukee rock band DIRECT HIT!, ERADICATOR is a heavy hitting mix of hardcore-infused punk which combines snotty, snarling vocals over a mixture of heavy yet melodic riffs with simple song structures and driving yet occasionally spastic drumming.

Pressing Info:
400 - Black
100 - White
30 - Test Press - Limited Cover

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