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Music: The Eradicator "Forever The Eradicator" Compact Disc

Music: The Eradicator "Forever The Eradicator" Compact Disc

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Blurring the lines between fan fiction and adaptive reality, The Eradicator, based on the Kids in the Hall sketch of the same name, places the aggressive ski-mask-wearing squash player in a restless environment confronting internal demons while combating external challengers as part of his quest to maintain dominance atop his local D Squash ladder. On their 3rd LP, called Forever the Eradicator out October 2022, the Eradicator combines a melodic punk foundation with metallic riffs and high energy anthems.

Live in concert, The Eradicator is in character, masked and motivated by dominance over his squash game. The absurdity of the performer crossed with the revolving cast of veteran musicians who have played in punk, metal, and hardcore bands for the better part of 20 years has left audiences amused, bewildered, but surprisingly apt to come back for more throughout the 7 year existence of the band, resulting in over 150 performances across 4 countries.

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