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Music: The Eradicator "Peak Eradicator" Cassette (White)

Music: The Eradicator "Peak Eradicator" Cassette (White)

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Peak Eradicator, the new record from Chicago squash-punk outfit The Eradicator, is part fan fiction, part truth. It follows the titular character—The Eradicator, a combative, ski-mask-wearing squash player—as he tries to find his place in the world and the local squash club standings, backed by fist-pumping, Fucked Up-meets-Andrew W.K. anthemics. Live in concert, The Eradicator is in character, masked and driven solely by squash. But behind it all is vocalist and guitarist Andy Slania, a regular dude working in IT trying to find his place in the world, too.

Slania grew up on Kids In The Hall, which originated The Eradicator character: a weird, mischievous sportsfreak breaking into boardroom meetings to challenge “pusshead” businessmen to squash matches, swatting the air with his racket. It stuck with Slania, who understood The Eradicator as an outsider.

Peak Eradicator carries the hardcore hallmarks of Slania’s previous work and the poppy composition and major-key riffing of Maury and Bollis’ former outfit (Galactic Cannibal). Through the record, The Eradicator faces down competitors and sports-related injuries, loses friends and reflects on falling in love (with his racket). “I’mma Be Me,” a barrelling anthem of self-love and weirdo empowerment, crescendos with jubilant, harmonized lead guitars over thundering half-time drums before Slania bursts back in, roaring: “I’MMA BE ME!”

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