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Music: The Eradicator "The Courts Closed on Christmas" 12" Vinyl EP (Black)

Music: The Eradicator "The Courts Closed on Christmas" 12" Vinyl EP (Black)

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The Court's Closed on Christmas is a special EP release from the Chicago/Milwaukee based aggressive punk band & solo artist The Eradicator, which is based on an absurdist expansion of the classic Kids in the Hall sketch of the same name where a masked squash player attempts to terrorize his opponents in an athletic club squash league.

On the EP's profanity-laden title track, The Eradicator expresses his selfish discontent with the one day every year where he can't play the sport of squash with others - Christmas Day. The track explores the same contradiction between aggression and melody that can be heard on the prior release from The Eradicator, 2017's debut full length LP, titled The Eradicator.

The remaining tracks of the EP are augmented covers of Minor Threat, Ramones, Johnny Cash, Descendents, and Atom And His Package. The Eradicator claims that his grandfather, referred to as The Grandfather of Squash, originally wrote these songs and the aforementioned artists stole, re-wrote, and popularized their own versions.

Pressing Info:
300 - Black
100 - Red
100 - Green
30 - Test Press w/ Fest 17 limited cover

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