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Music: The Eradicator "The Eradicator" 12" Vinyl (Pink Smoke / Black)

Music: The Eradicator "The Eradicator" 12" Vinyl (Pink Smoke / Black)

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The Eradicator is an expansion of the classic Kids in the Hall sketch of the same name, formatted as an aggressive punk band from Chicago, IL. Sometimes appearing solo and other times backed by a revolving cast, including members of Direct Hit!, the band is always brash yet melodic as its front man screams his way through catchy songs about squash - the ONLY acceptable racket sport in existence. The Eradicator has been quickly climbing one squash ladder at a time and recently gaining a strong fan base through their remarkably animated performances. Don’t be a pusshead and miss out on witnessing this great victory! And don’t try to follow him...he has a cab waiting. 

Pressing Info (1st Press):
200 - Black
115 - Clear
112 - Splatter Red/Green
109 - White
30 - Test Press

Pressing Info (2nd Press):
271 - Black
161 - Pink Smoke
109 - Blue Opaque

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