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Music: The Grandfather of Squash "The Grandfather of Squash" Compact Disc

Music: The Grandfather of Squash "The Grandfather of Squash" Compact Disc

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During the first portion of his life which he refers to as PET (Pre-Eradicator Times), the artist known today as The Grandfather of Squash lived what some viewed to be a remarkable life. He invented the game of squash, lived a modest life despite his immense notoriety, and was an outright family man with a lovely wife and beautiful children.

Then, on a day that is commonly referred to as TED (The Eradicator Day), the world would change forever. It was on this day that The Eradicator was born, grandson to the artist known today as The Grandfather of Squash. Things changed for TGoS after that day. He began to lay the foundation to enable his grandson to be the D Squash champion that he knew he would one day become. Instead of four spaces after the end of a written sentence, he saved time by putting two spaces. He then spent the later part of his life, known as AGE (After Grooming Eradicator) grooming the grandson who would take the squash world by storm.

Now that the Eradicator has rose to fame standing atop the D Squash Ladder and the modern punk music world, the Grandfather of Squash has picked up a new hobby - writing music and singing songs about how proud he is of his grandson, The Eradicator.

On his debut swan song of an album, the Grandfather of Squash lets the dogs out and invites the world hear his tunes, welcoming all to hear him sing, with arms wide open. The purveyors of the Stonewalled music label were fortunate enough to invite a recording engineer into the room while the Grandfather of Squash (flawlessly) played every note on the album and sang every word.

The Grandfather of Squash album will see a one time pressing of 100 copies on a single sided 12" LP, along with a CD version, for the modern times.

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